About us

Hoayeuthuong.com is a professional flower and gift delivery company with more than 64 franchise retail locations all over Vietnam. Our mission is to help our customers express their feelings in a convenient way, whether they want to express love, appreciation, gratitude, or adoration – or maybe they want to say congratulations or offer their condolences.
With the slogan "Flower Delivery Expert", our bouquet is not only a gift, but also a way of conveying a message and the feelings from the buyer to the recipient.

We focus on the following activities: 

  • Connecting and supporting flower shops in Vietnam to provide fresh flowers promptly.
  • Building a professional flower delivery network in all regions of Vietnam.
  • Constantly improving the quality of our delivery process to remain both cost-effective and fast.
  • Providing successful flowers business models to all franchise retail locations.
  • Supporting Vietnamese farmers while providing domestic flowers and materials.
  • Continuingly developing the support functions of our flower and gift delivery.
  • Researching and applying IT in the development of our fresh flowers business.

In accordance with Vietnam's flower industry development target, we bring Vietnam's floral market to a new level while creating more jobs.
Hoayeuthuong.com is determined to keep learning and creating in order to make even more impressive, exquisite, and unique flower arrangements and keeping our customers happy!

Hoa Yêu Thương = Flowers with love

  • "Yêu thương": "Love", one of the most important values of Christianity. It expresses love not only for couples but also for humanity in general. Therefore, for each flower sold, we will donate a small amount to the "Help children get to school" fund.
  • We encourage people to express love with flowers – wouldn’t life just be so much better if everyone shared their love with each other?
  • We’ve chosen a green font for the words “with love” in our logo for 2 reason:

First of all, it’s supposed to express our love for the environment. At Hoayeuthuong.com we strive to use environmentally friendly products and as many recycled materials as possible in all activities to protect our beautiful earth.

When rotating our logo 90 degrees clockwise, it will look like a flower. As a professional flower delivery business, flowers are our passion which is why a flower was the obvious solution for creating a beautiful and relevant logo.

Đặt hoa số lượng lớn

Save 20,000 đ

In order to encourage customers to buy online, we will discount VND20,000 for each online purchase.

100% satisfaction

With many years of experience in flower delivery business, we understand the importance of delivering the pure message from buyers to receivers. We guarantee to put customers satisfaction our top priority and will refund if you are dissatisfied.