Social Responsibility

At Color Life/, we embrace our social responsibility. We are committed to add value to humanity and society in general.

1. Commitment to donate a portion of our profits to social activities

Although Vietnam has made great progress in alleviating poverty across the country, there is still some way to go. Education is a key factor in the fight to eliminate poverty.
Even though attending a Vietnamese public school is free, there are things that families need to purchase themselves, e.g. transportation to the school, required books, and uniforms – this is the main obstacle, as not all families can afford this, especially low-income families living in rural areas of Vietnam where the children need to work to add to the family income.

To Hoayeuthuong, children’s education is important. Therefore, in the past years, Hoayeuthuong has focused on supporting the Vietnamese education sector with the desire to give eligible children from low-income families the chance to go to school and enjoy the best educational outcomes.


In 2011, Hoayeuthuong together with IVC Vietnam and BNI Vietnam donated gifts to children in Tien Giang and Can Tho.

  In 2012, collaborated with BNI Vietnam to build a library for Vietnam England Primary School – a charity school for children in the Dateh District, Lam Dong.

In the coming years, Hoayeuthuong will support and provide better infrastructure and working environment for startup projects of students in the field of eCommerce.

 2. Responsibility of environment and domestic flower sources: 

  • Hoayeuthuong uses biodegradable or recycled materials and products to the widest extent possible in all activities.
  • Hoayeuthuong supports local farmers by using domestic flower sources and materials.

3. Work environment

Hoayeuthuong believes that a happy employee equals a happy customer. Therefore, we ensure the best possible terms of employment for all employees. We are committed to honoring the following points:

  • Our employees work less than 44 hours a week.
  • Employees’ rights and perks comply with the Vietnamese Labor Law. 
  • Regular training for employees, hereunder short-term courses and spiritual motivation courses.
  • We offer a creative work environment and good opportunities of being promoted internally in the company.
Văn phòng điện hoa Dạy cắm hoa Văn phòng
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