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Hiện tại, chúng tôi ngưng bán hoa tại Tp. HCM và các tỉnh cách ly và chuyển qua cung cấp rau xanh theo chương trình của Sở Công Thương Tp.HCM, bạn có thể mua rau tại link:


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Office plants - Mãi Bên Nhau

Tiểu cảnh mini với những khu vườn, cỏ cây hoa lá, ngôi nhà và muôn thú,...ngày nay đã trở thành sản phẩm trang trí được yêu chuộng vì điểm nổi bật, thu hút và mang hiều tác dụng tốt cho người trồng. Mỗi chậu tiểu cảnh sẽ mang một ý nghĩa riêng có thể là lời chúc hay thể hiện mục đích nào đó mà người trồng hoặc người tặng muốn truyền đạt.
  • Free cards
  • Discount VND20,000 for online purchases
  • Discount 3% for the 2nd online order, 5% for the 6th online order and 10% for the 12th online order (applied in Ho Chi Minh city only)
  • Free delivery in all 63 provinces (urban areas)
  • Fast delievery in 2 hours
  • Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or we will refund
  • Guarantee flowers stay fresh in 3 days

Chậu cây bao gồm:

- Cây Kim Tiền 

- Sen Đá và Xương Rồng

- Lá May Mắn Fittonia xanh đỏ 

- Phụ kiện trang trí

- Chậu men sứ bầu 16 cm cao cấp

* Chiều cao chậu và cây: 28 - 32 cm 

* Cách chăm sóc:

- Nước: Tưới 1- 2 lần/tuần cho cây, riêng khóm lá may mắn cần tưới 2 ngày/ 1 lần, tưới vừa đủ ẩm. Tưới trực tiếp vào gốc cây để nước thấm đều rễ, không tưới lên lá để tránh lá bị thối. Lượng nước nhiều hay ít phụ thuộc vào môi trường và thời tiết.

- Ánh sáng: Phơi nắng ít nhất 1 lần/tuần, mỗi lần 3-4 tiếng vào buổi sáng hoặc chiều (tránh ánh nắng trưa gay gắt).

Chỉ tưới sau 3 - 4 ngày nhận hàng. Tưới vừa đủ, không nên tưới quá nhiều. Chờ đất khô hẳn mới tưới lần tiếp theo. Có thể bổ sung phân bón lá atonik pha loãng với nước tưới cho cây 1-2 lần/tháng.

- Cần tháo gỡ toàn bộ lớp giấy gói nylong phía ngoài chậu ngay khi nhận sản phẩm để cây không bị hầm hơi.

*Lưu ý: Hoayeuthuong xin phép không nhận bảo hành cây trong trường hợp đất trồng bị tưới ướt sũng nước.

Office plants đẹp nhất

There are several options of payment forms:

1. Pay in cash

1.1 Directly at our company

Color Life Limited Co.

Address 1: 270D Vo Thi Sau, ward 7, district 3, Ho Chi Minh City (24/7)

Address 2: 196/26-28 Cong Hoa, ward 12, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City (8.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday)

Tel: 08. 7300 9059 (24/7)  - 04.7300. 0959

1.2 On delivery
We offer COD (Cash on Delivery) if you are both the buyer and recipient of the order.

1.3 At a different location
Are you not the recipient and not able to do a bank transfer or come to our place to pay, we offer to collect cash at your place for an extra fee (depending on the area). Please kindly contact us via email, Hoayeuthuong.com, or our hotline 08. 7300 9059/ 04. 7300 0959 for more information

2. Bank transfer

You can go to any bank in Vietnam to transfer money using the following information (you do not necessarily need a Vietnamese bank account to do a bank transfer).

3. VISA or MasterCard

We offer 2 forms of credit card payment: Bao Kim and PayPal. We ask you kindly to contact our employees for more information – email us at contact@hoayeuthuong.com or call our 24/7 hotline 08. 7300 9059/ 04. 7300 0959).


Valid from October 20, 2010


The purchasing terms and conditions below are mutually agreed upon between:

  • Color Life Limited Company - 270F Vo Thi Sau, ward 7, district 3, Ho Chi Minh City - the owner of the website http://hoayeuthuong.com (hereinafter “Hoayeuthuong”, “we”, or “us”).
  • All information and materials on the website including articles, images, and designs are property of Color Life Limited Company. Acts of copying or sharing with business purposes are prohibited.
  • Individuals or organizations that place online orders via the e-commerce website http://hoayeuthuong.com (hereinafter “the/our website”) or order by phone are hereinafter called The customer.
  • The customer after purchasing will be called The buyer. They must accept and obey the rights as obligations mentioned in these terms & conditions.

All requests to place an order on the website http://hoayeuthuong.com or by the support tools (phone, yahoo, skype, etc.) are interpreted as the customer’s understanding and acceptance of these terms (Purchasing Terms). Accepting the terms can happen without the customer’s signature.

The purchasing terms & conditions can be accessed at any time on the website. They are applicable in case of any contradictory text or content.

After the customer completes the registration process on our website, our staff will contact the customer to make sure that the information filled in by the customer is correct. This information will be used as the elements needed for the order to become effective.

We reserve the right to change the content of our purchasing terms and conditions at any time. The purchasing terms and conditions applying to a purchase are the ones defined at the time of the purchase.
It is the customer’s responsibility to review the terms & conditions each time the customer visits our website and/or in any way uses our service. We recommend our customers to print and save these regulations.

Article 1: Purposes of the application

The contents of the purchasing terms and conditions apply both to transactions made online at http://hoayeuthuong.com and to orders made per telephone or email. An order placed by a customer is at the same time an unconditional accept of the terms & conditions mentioned on this page. Any personal information collected from our customers will used purely for the purposes of providing our customers service, apart from situations where we are required or permitted by law to act otherwise.

No customer order or request is valid until accepted by Hoayeuthuong. Our company reserves the right to change the content of terms at any time. Thus, we recommend that customers should consult the website regularly to update purchasing term’s content.  

Article 2: Access Hoayeuthuong’s website
2.1 Customers can buy any item of a value higher than 0 VND on our webpage


2.2 To place an order, customers need to fill out the required fields with personal contact information. The information given by the customer must be correct, specific, and complete. In case a customer provides false, inaccurate, or incomplete information, Hoayeuthuong can refuse and cancel orders. Customers are fully responsible for all financial consequences that may occur from using their accounts on our website.

2.3 We recommend customers to pay attention to the following points:

  • Customers are only allowed to use and/or download any information from our website http://hoayeuthuong.com for personal purposes, not for commercial purposes, and only for a limited time.
  • Customers are not allowed to copy, use, reuse, change, move, cite, replace, spread ... directly or indirectly, in any form, in whole or in part (images, content, ...) of the information which is available on our website. The same applies to names, logos, and icons of the company and the website.
  • Please kindly inform us of any violations of the above, so we can keep getting better at serving our customers.

Article 3: Placing an order

We only accept orders that are to be delivered in Vietnam and, by appointment, in certain other countries.

Customers need to complete the payment process to place an order. After purchasing, we will call the customer to confirm the address and time of delivery. This will be recorded and used only in the case of a complaint.

Customer information used when registering will be used later in the delivery process. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel, or refuse orders in case of problems related to the information provided by the customer as well as to payment of previous orders.

Article 4: Goods and inventory

All products and services shown on our website are available for delivery, within the limits of available inventory. In case there is not enough materials in stock to complete the specific order of a customer, we will contact the customer to find an alternative solution. The new order takes effect after the consent of the customer.

Article 5: Price policies

All prices include shipping charges through our partners and include VAT (10%). All prices are listed in VND. Customers paying in USD must pay the exchange rate of Vietcombank at the time of payment. It is also possible for customers to transfer the payment to us in other foreign currencies.
For more information on this, please email us: contact@hoayeuthuong.com.

We deliver to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and other provinces across Vietnam, and, by appointment, other countries. For orders outside Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, please contact us by phone (phone number can be found under “Contact”).

We reserve the right to change the price of goods at any time, but ensure reasonable prices and high quality to enhance competitiveness and ensure the interests of our customers.

Article 6: Time of delivery and transportation

General conditions

Goods will be delivered at the address given by the customer. Customers are responsible for providing sufficient information to ensure a smooth delivery process – for example, exact addresses, street numbers, provinces, city names, names of districts, communes, wards, and phone numbers. We are not responsible for failed delivery attempts in case the customer wrote an incorrect address when placing the order.

In case the recipient is absent, the matter will be handled dependent on the kind of good:

  • Perishable goods, e.g. flowers and cakes: The customer must pay 100% of the order value.
  • Bonsai plants: The customer must pay 50% of the order value.
  • Other goods, such as sweets and teddy bears: The customer won’t be charged.

Delivery time

After receiving advanced payment from the customer, we will deliver according to the time chosen by the customer. In case that the delivery time is not possible, we will inform the customer. Orders can only be carried out in the case of both accept from both the customer and us.

Delivery problems

Deliveries are carried out by our partners. Goods could unintendedly be damaged during transport, for example break or shatter. We recommend our customers to check the condition and quantity immediately after receiving their goods. Customers must give notice about any complaints related to shipping within 1 hour after receiving the goods. Customers may notice us via:

- Phone (phone number under “Contact”)

- Email: contact@hoayeuthuong.com

Keep track of orders

Customers can check the delivery status via “Order tracking” on our homepage or call our center. Our staff is responsible for updating customers on their order statuses. After receiving an order, our staff will contact the customer regarding the order status. Subsequently, our staff will carry out the following stages before the customer receives his/her products.

Article 7: Payment policies

Orders can be paid via bank transfer with VISA card, MasterCard, PayPal, or cash.

Please see our “Payment instructions” for further information.

Article 8: Returns

We are responsible for providing adequate and accurate information about all products on our website www.hoayeuthuong.com including images, color, style, size, quantity, material, etc. Customers should consider carefully before making the purchase. We only accept returns if the product is nothing similar to the picture and/or description on our webpage and/or of insufficient quantity. In these cases, customers will receive a full refund, i.e. product price and shipping charges. The customer will receive the refund no later than 5 days after receiving our official reply. Refunds are paid out via bank transfer, check, PayPal, or in cash.

We will only take on responsibility for errors caused by us. Returned products that are incomplete, broken, damaged, dirty, torn, or have lost their tag due to the customer's negligence will not be accepted.

Article 9: Customer services

In case of any questions regarding our products, customers are always welcome to contact our customer service during office hours or via our 24/7 hotline. Please see all relevant information under “Contact”.

Article 10: Cancellation or changing of orders

10.1 Cancellations of orders

  • Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City: At least 2 hours prior to the expected delivery time.
  • Other provinces: At least 4 hours prior to the expected delivery time.

By cancelling an order later than 2 and 4 hours respectively prior to the expected delivery time, the customer will still be charged 100 % of the order costs.

10.2 Order changes

Hoayeuthuong will be accepted and free of charge for customer if they want to change something in their order before expected delivery time at least 4 hours. We do not accept any change of the product at the time of delivery or of when the product has been completed.

The customer must pay the price difference if the value of the new order exceeds the value of the original order. We make no refunds for the difference in value if the new product’s value is lower than that of the previous ordered product.

After completion of the product we do not accept order changes, nor do we accept any wishes to change the product upon delivery.

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Save 20,000 đ

In order to encourage customers to buy online, we will discount VND20,000 for each online purchase.

100% satisfaction

With many years of experience in flower delivery business, we understand the importance of delivering the pure message from buyers to receivers. We guarantee to put customers satisfaction our top priority and will refund if you are dissatisfied.