Baby's Breath Meaning

Baby's Breath Meaning

These beautiful, small flowers symbolize pure and innocent love – regardless what kind of love, be it family, platonic or romantic. Furthermore, the small flowers symbolize self-discipline and the ability to stay focused on love.

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Baby flowers come from the name "Baby's breath", meaning baby breath. It's as beautiful and fragile as a child's breath!
In Vietnam, Baby flowers are called with a simpler and much closer name, people call it simply: flower ball.

Like fragile flower. With small blossoms of white flowers like snowflakes so this flower is not durable with temperature and light. If the flowers are too hot or too cold, the flower will wither immediately.

With the feelings and meanings that baby's breath brings, this flower is popular in both Asian and Western countries. And in flower style, flower bouquet is often used with other flowers, to add meaning, or wishfulness. At times, baby's breath is preferred to be the main flower - unique in bundles, flower bouquet that people give to his lover, friends.

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Mixed Color Roses 30
Mixed Color Roses 30600.000 đ$26,67
Magenta Roses (30)
Magenta Roses (30)600.000 đ$26,67
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Starry night
Starry night800.000 đ$35,56
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The begin of happiness850.000 đ$37,78
Summer song
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Magenta Roses (25)600.000 đ$26,67
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