Tous Les Jours is a brand of cakes with special style and flavor, combining French cuisine and the quintessence, traditions of Asian cuisine. At Tous Les Jours each cake is always guaranteed the freshest. Along with the slogan "every day is fresh", it will surely bring interesting experiences for each customer.

Coctail cake
Coctail cake650.000 đ$28,89
Rainbow cake
Rainbow cake580.000 đ$25,78
Milk cake 2
Milk cake 2600.000 đ$26,67
Milk cake 1
Milk cake 1570.000 đ$25,33
Orange cake
Orange cake550.000 đ$24,44
Propose heart 2
Propose heart 2550.000 đ$24,44
Sweet cake 1
Sweet cake 1550.000 đ$24,44
Propose heart 1
Propose heart 1450.000 đ$20,00
My love 2
My love 2540.000 đ$24,00
Ganache 1
Ganache 1450.000 đ$20,00
Magic 4
Magic 4720.000 đ$32,00
Love brownie choco 2
Love brownie choco 2600.000 đ$26,67
Mocha Square 2
Mocha Square 2500.000 đ$22,22