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Covid pandemic has led to the scarcity of flowers which are used for the arrangements posted on Therefore, we would like to offer mixed flower arrangements by themes. Each of them includes from 5-6 types of flower with modern tones and designs, enhances the difference and artistry. We are also committed to high quality as always and better price than traditional arrangements.
There are 2 themes as follows:
- SWEET tones: combines red, pink, purple and white colors, suitable for wife, lover or crush.
- BRILLIANT tones: combines yellow, green, orange and white colors, suitable for mother, friend, colleague or relatives.
Note: Each arrangement will be different, which depends on florist’s choice. We are committed to the quality and the balance of flowers.
The product has 25 branches: 10 of mixed color roses by theme, 3 of carnations or daisy, orchids,….with leaves and accessories.

The actual product received may differ from the image shown on the website (due to handmade characteristics and the natural properties of agricultural products)


This is a specially designed flower arrangement and currently provided in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi only.


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  • Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or we will refund
  • Guarantee flowers stay fresh in 3 days

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